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H-6800 Lockout-Tagout Handles


H-6800 Lockout-Tagout Handles

We’re pleased to present you with the New Product Announcement (NPA) for the Field Kit for H-6800 Lockout-Tagout Handles.
The ISLT (Integrated Safety Lockout-Tagout) that can easily replace all H-6800 series valve handles on site.
Designed to prevent the misuse of media in applications such as those found in refineries, analytical and sampling systems.

Main features:

  • ISLT kit can be ordered as an option with the valve or retrofitted to any H-6800 series valve on site
  • ISLT can be easily locked out in the closed position to avoid unwanted valve opening
  • ISLT handle is ergonomically designed for each valve size
  • ISLT handle can be offered in a wide range of colors


  • Attached is the Formal NPA
  • Prices are already loaded to the GAL System
  • Initial Stock is ready, comprised of various configurations


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